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So I read all the time about “do it scared”. Well I can’t bring myself to do Facebook live, and a tutorial would be really long. So I just did a snippet of my process when I was making the scrapbook for Hospice. For hippa reasons I can’t show a lot but I do show different ways I embellish my scrapbooks.

I would like to start promoting a new service. I would like customers to email me their photos and I personally custom make their scrapbook. I would love to hear any thoughts on the new service.

Thanks so much and Happy Ash Friday!!

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Baby album

Going to a baby shower?? I have the perfect gift. Premade baby album for first year milestones. From pregnancy to delivery, every month milestones, first foods and all your special memories Premade baby album for your precious first year memories. #scrapbookinglayout #craftlove #specialscraps #etsyscrapbook #scrapbook ides #scrapbook #scrapbookideasforbeginners

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Where does time go??

So I sit here and I’m wondering where time goes? How fast they grow up. I’m so thankful for all my pictures and all my memories of my children. What is even better is a wonderful way to showcase them. I just love all the flair and colors and layouts. If you have special dance moments go to

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Marchs Digital Scripture

I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of March! My journal entry for March will be available tomorrow. It will include my favorite bible verses, 2Corinthians 5:7 “For we give by faith, not by sight” and Proverbs 24:3 By wisdom a house is built and through understanding it is established. I hope you enjoy and God bless!

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Creating the Gift of a Day

First I just have to say how blessed I feel to even be able to create these beautiful scrapbooks for the loved ones of Hospice.  I hope and pray that these albums will be treasured by families for years.  I really believe that I have been called to do this.

The family will receive an 8×8 fully made album of their loved ones special day. IMG_2672

I used all 8×8 papers and made photo mattes for each page. Then I embellished all around the pictures to display their special memories.  Everything fit perfectly!!IIMG_2674

I used pretty premade journal tags. I found these wonderful embellishments that decorated the pages beautifully.  They are called Mambi Chips.


I used leftover scrap pieces to make sticker embellishmentsIMG_2680Then use fun edge scissors to cut them out.Mambi is one of my new favorite scrapbooking  lines now.  Here are some of the Jolees embellishments I used (which is a classic of mine). IMG_2677

The album is full of pictures from that special day.  At the very end I added an entire journal page of the special event as well as important highlights of their life, and then added a page of just embellishments to describe them.IMG_2686

I am truly honored and blessed to have been able to do this for their family.  I can not wait until they receive it!!