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Please Review

I’m gonna be real honest. I hate leaving feedback. Basically because I just don’t have time. I should. It’s how businesses thrive. Also I know first hand what it is like not to be reviewed. I have never been left a review for my products!

So in effort to try to get just one review, I will be giving away a free scrapbook layout download for anyone who would be so kind.

Pretty summer themed download. Free! Just give me your feedback. Thanks so much!

Have a blessed day

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Scrapbook Class

Well I finally finished my first video class! I received a lot of feedback that people wanted classes. So I am running a free trial on Skillshare I would love for you to check it out and give some feedback.

For leaving a review I will give you a link to a free scrapbook layout download
I use Adobe Photoshop for my digital work

This months class is how to make a bible journal. You can also make the project and upload it to me.

Amazon has a wonderful selection of journaling accessories

I use for my blogging needs and I love it. save 20% now through Sunday with DISCOUNT20


have a Blessed day!!!


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Stamp Collector

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was stamp collecting with my grandma. I had quite a few books and we would spend hours putting stamps in them.

Thirty years later, while going through storage I found all my books. I wanted a way to really show them off. So I decided to scrap them!

It was so much fun to pick out the stamps and create a page for them.

When I was at the Makers Fare I received a lot of feedback from people on how much they liked the album.

I would love to create an album for you. I can custom make an album or individual pages. Just give me your theme. You can order at my website

For all your album and scrapbooking needs check out Amazon

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