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daily inspiration ✝️✝️✝️. Can you imagine being Mary and getting that message!!?? Just sit and dwell on that for a moment.

Praise Jesus! He was born to save the world and in a few short weeks we will celebrate the ultimate sacrifice and the day that changed the world!

God bless you all!

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Concert time is upon us. My family and I just love going to Christian concerts! Especially in the summer out on the lawns. It’s so wonderful to worship Jesus out under the sun. It is so amazing.

Do you like Christian concerts? Who is your favorite? Let me know in my Facebook group”Let’s Scrap”

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Hi there! So I love Jesus!!! And I love creating fun bible scripture art. I would love to share these with you! Just sign your email up at Then pick out which scripture you would like and enter promo code JOURNAL at checkout.

Here are a few of the freebies

Please enjoy this beautiful scripture today!

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So I read all the time about “do it scared”. Well I can’t bring myself to do Facebook live, and a tutorial would be really long. So I just did a snippet of my process when I was making the scrapbook for Hospice. For hippa reasons I can’t show a lot but I do show different ways I embellish my scrapbooks.

I would like to start promoting a new service. I would like customers to email me their photos and I personally custom make their scrapbook. I would love to hear any thoughts on the new service.

Thanks so much and Happy Ash Friday!!

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Baby album

Going to a baby shower?? I have the perfect gift. Premade baby album for first year milestones. From pregnancy to delivery, every month milestones, first foods and all your special memories Premade baby album for your precious first year memories. #scrapbookinglayout #craftlove #specialscraps #etsyscrapbook #scrapbook ides #scrapbook #scrapbookideasforbeginners

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Where does time go??

So I sit here and I’m wondering where time goes? How fast they grow up. I’m so thankful for all my pictures and all my memories of my children. What is even better is a wonderful way to showcase them. I just love all the flair and colors and layouts. If you have special dance moments go to